Data Sheets

Clex prime

CX6120 Electronic Knob Module

CX6122 Electronic Knob Cylinder

CX6124 Electronic Double-Knob Cylinder

CX6126 Electronic Half Cylinder

CX6132 Wall Mounted Reader

CX6134 Wall Mounted Reader Outdoor Version

CX6160 Compact Knob Module

CX6162 Compact Knob Cylinder

CX6166 Compact Half Cylinder

CX6172 Electronic Door Handle

CX6174 Electronic Door Fitting

CX6180 Electronic Knob Module

CX6182 Electronic Double-Knob Cylinder

CX6190 Furniture Lock

CX6192 Cabinet Lock

CX6350 Servicekey

CX6354 Crypto System Key

CX6362SK Active Transponder Service

CX6510 Service Device

CX6520 Programming Station

CX6522 ClexTouch Service Software

CX6530 Keyvi Management Software

CX6531 Keyvi3 Upgrade

CX6533 Keyvi Management Software

CX6552 Automatic Programming Terminal

CX6554 Automatic Programming Terminal Outdoor Version

CX6590 Keyvi XS Programming Package

CX6591 Keyvi Programming Package

CX6592 Keyvi Programming Package Touch

CX6593 Keyvi Programming Package XL Touch

CX6594 Keyvi XS Touch Programming Package

CX6910 Remote Module

CX6920 Radio Access Point

CX6922 Radio Reader

CX6932 Radio Switching Module

CX6934 IDS Module

CX6936 Radio Switching Module with Bluetooth® Low Energy

CX6940 Accesspoint LAN

Clex private

CX2120 Electronic Knob Module

CX2122 Electronic Knob Cylinder

CX2124 Electronic Double-Knob Cylinder

CX2126 Electronic Half Cylinder

CX2132 Wall Mounted Reader

CX2134 Wall Mounted Reader Outdoor

CX2160 Compact Knob Module

CX2162 Compact Knob Cylider

CX2166 Compact Half Cylinder

CX2172 Electronic Door Handle

CX2174 Electronic Door Fitting

CX2180 Electronic Knob Module

CX2182 Electronic Double-Knob Module

CX2190 Furniture Lock

CX2192 Cabinet Lock

CX2350 Servicekey

CX2362SK Active Transponder Service Key

CX2530 Keyng Administration Software

CX6932 Radio Switching Module

CX6934 IDS Module

CX6936 Radio Switching Module with Bluetooth® Low Energy

Clex public

CX8120 Electronic Knob Module

CX8132 Wall Mounted Reader

CX8134 Wall Mounted Reader Outdoor Version

CX8160 Compact Knob Module

CX8162 Compact Knob Cylinder

CX8166 Compact Half Cylinder

CX8172 Electronic Door Handle

CX8174 Electronic Door Fitting

CX8180 Electronic Knob Module

CX8192 Cabinet Lock

CX8522 USB Radio Stick

CX8932 Online Module

CX8936 Online Module with Bluetooth® Low Energy

CX8942 Online Module LAN

CX6816 External Antenna


CX2126/CX6126/CX8126 Product Info Padlock

CX6360_Active Transponder

CX6362 Active Function Transponder

CX6320 Transponder Card

CX6330 Transponder Key Fob

CX6333 Transponder Key Fob Stainless Steel

CX6774 Low-Power-Adapter

CX6850 PVD-Coating

CX6814 RS485 Converter

CX6816 External Antenna

CX6818 Power Supply Units

CX6830 Cover Wall Mounted Reader

CX6812 Batteries

CX6710 Cylinder Body

CX6710AP Anti-Panic Cylinder Body

CX6710AP-M Anti-Panic Cylinder Body

CX6710F Cylinder Body for Fire and Smoke resistant doors

CX6710F AP and AP-M Cylinder Body for Fire and Smoke resistant doors

CX6760 Cylinder Body

CX6760AP Anti-Panic Cylinder Body

CX6760AP-M Anti-Panic Cylinder Body

CX6381 Mechanical Key for AP-M

CX6710CH Round Profile Cylinder Body

CX6710SK Cylinder Body Scandinavian Oval

CX6712 Mechanical Knob CX6710

CX6712 Mechanical Knob CX6760

CX6712 Mechanical Blind Core

CX6712CH with Dismounting Function

CX6711 Half Cylinder Body

CX6761 Half Cylinder Body

CX6711CH Swiss Round Profile Half Cylinder Body

CX6719 Furniture Lock Adapter

CX6780 Cylinder Body

CX6384 Security Rosette

CX6772 Battery Exchange Tools

CX6777 Alignment Tool

CX6778 Assembly Tool for Coupling Ring

CX6779 Dismounting Tool Logodisc

CX6815 Spray Oil

CX6930 Security Relay Module