Electronic door handle

The electronic door handle is unmatched till date: the entire electronics, mechanical system, power supply and LED indicators are inside the handle itself. This makes the product extremely flexible. Versions with round rose and oval rose, with or without profile cylinder (blind or with hole) are available. Different handle shapes provide further customisation. The version with oval rose also fits on narrow frame doors. The variant with round rose is, in addition, suitable for the use on glass doors (in combination with special glass door locks).

The elegant and sleek stainless steel design discretely adapts itself to any surroundings, both new buildings as well as existing buildings.

The product is available for all common transponder technologies of EM/HITAG, LEGIC® and MIFARE®. In addition to the proven radio version (868 MHz), the electronic door handle is also available as a version with Bluetooth® Low Energy (2.4 GHz).

The Electronic door handle is approved for use in fire and smoke resistant doors. Furthermore, the product can be installed in emergency exit locks. The corresponding certificates can be found in the download area.

Transponder technology

MIFARE® (13,56 MHz)

Transponder technology

LEGIC® (13,56 MHz)

Transponder technology

EM/HITAG 125 kHz

OSS Standard Offline

868 MHz Radio

Bluetooth® Low Energy technology

Dust and waterproof according to protection class IP66 and thus protected against powerful water jets.

Intrusion detection system (IDS) - connection possible

Emergency exit locks DIN EN 179

Fire and smoke resistant doors DIN EN 1634

Clex prime

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Clex private

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Clex public

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  • Corresponds to the common European lock standards
  • Existing locks can be used
  • Different forms of handles can be selected (L-form, U-forms)
  • Optionally round rose or oval rose
  • Door handle suitable for all wood, steel and aluminium doors with narrow or wide frame, with backset of more than 20 mm
  • Electronic door handle suitable for all doors with a thickness of 30 mm up to 110 mm
  • Wireless
  • Automatic activation of the electronic system by simply scanning a key (passive transponder as card or transponder key fob)
  • Permanent engagement without additional power consumption
  • Certified for fire and smoke resistant doors according to DIN EN 1634
  • Certified for emergency exit locks according to DIN EN 179
  • Suitable for the use on glass doors (round rose)
  • PVD coating in different colour variations




Clex prime  CX6172


Clex private   CX2172


Clex public   CX8172



Approved according to DIN EN 179   MPA NRW


Classification according to prEN 16867   Test Certificate PIV


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