Cabinet lock

The electronic cabinet lock from Uhlmann & Zacher is for example installed on cabinets, cupboards, drawers and lockers. In this way, the furniture can be integrated into the electronic locking system and the access can be controlled electronically.


The electronic cabinet lock for furniture with pivoting levers, such as lockers, is particularly suitable. The product is easy to install and the installation is the same as that of mechanical cabinet locks.


The cabinet lock is available for all common transponder technologies of EM/HITAG, LEGIC® and MIFARE®.

Transponder technology

MIFARE® (13,56 MHz)

Transponder technology

LEGIC® (13,56 MHz)

Transponder technology

EM/HITAG 125 kHz

OSS Standard Offline

868 MHz Radio

Clex prime

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Clex private

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Clex public

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  • Can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position, for right or left cabinet doors
  • Different closing levers can be selected
  • Suitable for wood, steel and aluminium furniture doors
  • Can be used for all furniture doors with a thickness of up to 20 mm
  • Wireless
  • Existing drill holes can normally be used
  • Permanent engagement without additional power consumption




Clex prime  CX6192


Clex private   CX2192


Clex public   CX8192

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