Compact double-knob cylinder

The compact knob cylinder is an electronic locking cylinder, which is characterised by its compact size and numerous versions. The compact knob cylinder is also suitable for electronic access control on narrow frame doors because of the small handle diameter of 33.0 mm. The identification can be done by a passive transponder or by an active transponder with its own power supply.

The product offers additional advantages through its special security features. All the security components, such as the coupling, gears and motor are located in the protected area in the cylinder. The electronics and cylinder are rigidly coupled, the electronics unit is safely housed in the core of the cylinder. A mechanical drilling protection is also integrated by default. These security features additionally characterise the compact knob cylinder as a security cylinder.

Different versions make this product particularly flexible, for example, the version as a half cylinder or the anti-panic version. The version for outdoor use with protection class IP66 also allows it to be installed outdoors and in building exit doors. The security version characterised by an advanced drilling and pulling protection is especially suitable for this purpose.

Transponder technology

MIFARE® (13,56 MHz)

OSS Standard Offline

868 MHz Radio

Dust and waterproof according to protection class IP66 and thus protected against powerful water jets.

Intrusion detection system (IDS) - connection possible

Clex prime

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Clex private

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Clex public

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  • Time switches or weekly schedules are already integrated
  • Can be connected to an IDS module
  • Permanent engaging (toggle function) without additional power consumption
  • Up to 60,000 actuations with one battery
  • Battery replacement using a battery replacement tool
  • Wireless
  • Easy installation of the mechanical knob using grub screw
  • Various profile cylinder lengths
  • Suitable for narrow frame doors
  • Outdoor version (IP66)
  • Security version with advanced drilling and pulling protection




Clex prime  CX6162


Clex private   CX2162


Clex public   CX8162

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