Electronic half cylinder

The half cylinder is an electronic locking cylinder with one electronic authorisation. Doors can be flexibly equipped with the electronic half cylinder from one side.

Various special lengths and an outdoor version with protection class IP66 are also available. The identification can be done by a passive transponder or by an active transponder with its own power supply. In addition to various transponder technologies, a version of the electronic half cylinder with Bluetooth® Low Energy is also available.

Transponder technology

MIFARE® (13,56 MHz)

Transponder technology

LEGIC® (13,56 MHz)

Transponder technology

EM/HITAG 125 kHz

868 MHz Radio

Bluetooth® Low Energy technology

Dust and waterproof according to protection class IP66 and thus protected against powerful water jets.

Intrusion detection system (IDS) - connection possible

Clex prime

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Clex private

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Clex public

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  • Time switches or weekly schedules are already integrated
  • Can be connected to an IDS module
  • Permanent engaging (toggle function) is possible without additional power consumption
  • Up to 80,000 actuations with two batteries
  • Battery can be replaced only with battery replacement authorisation
  • No wiring required
  • Modular design
  • Disassembly possible only with disassembly card
  • Various profile cylinder lengths available
  • Outdoor version (IP66) available
  • Radio version available
  • Version with Bluetooth® Low Energy available
  • Versions with anti-clockwise spring reset and clockwise spring reset are available