Wall mounted reader with LEGIC®

For example, electric door and gate drives or electric door openers ("door buzzers") can be controlled with the wall mounted reader manufactured by Uhlmann & Zacher. Also priority trips in elevators are possible with the product. It is classically designed in black and white and is available in flush mount and surface-mount versions for indoor use. The common transponder technology of LEGIC® is available.

The wall mounted reader can be additionally connected to a safety relay module for use in unsecured areas. The safety relay module is then located in a separate secure area.

In addition, systems such as lifts, mailboxes and lockers can be controlled by connecting with a remote module. The wall mounted reader from U&Z can thus be used in various areas of application.

Transponder technology

LEGIC® (13,56 MHz)

868 MHz Radio

Intrusion detection system (IDS) - connection possible

Clex prime

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  • Suitable for installation in standard flush-mounted boxes
  • Different housing versions for different installation locations
  • Easy wiring
  • Can be connected to many available voltage supplies (large voltage range, direct or alternating current)
  • Compact, efficient voltage regulator for low energy consumption
  • Identification by passive transponder (alternatively active transponder with own power supply)
  • Permanent engagement (with toggle key or time switch) possible