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Private homes provide a safe, secure place of retreat from the stress of everyday life. Coziness and comfort also play an important role here. With the Clex private electronic locking system, Uhlmann & Zacher offers a secure and convenient access solution for your home.



Our solution


Clex private enables garages, garden gates, house entrances, cellar doors and apartment doors to be opened with only one key. With their modern, minimalist and timeless stainless steel design, the electronic locking units fit perfectly into any environment and home decor.


If children lose their front door key, the Clex private Learning/Clearing system allows them to respond quickly and flexibly to the loss. As soon as the master key is held in front of the knob, all the keys in circulation become invalid - including the one that was lost. Afterwards, the existing keys simply have to be re-programmed using the master key and the house is safe again. The lost key is simply replaced by a reprogrammed key. Alternatively, Clex private can also be conveniently managed via the Keyng software. For example, the same transponder from the Clex prime corporate locking system can be used at home in the Clex private system.


With the Clex private mobile extension, the electronic locking units can now even be managed, opened and closed using a smartphone. The Keyng app makes it easy to manage the locking system, while the Clex Key app enables the electronic locking units to be opened and closed using a smartphone. The smartphone communicates with the locking units via Bluetooth® Low Energy and does not need to be connected to the Internet for opening the door. The risk of losing a key is finally a thing of the past.


Both apps are available free of charge in the Google Play and App Store.






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