In everyday school life, a locking system has to meet a host of requirements. Teaching staff, cleaning staff or janitors - who is authorized to access where and when? How can the gym or auditorium be used by external clubs outside school hours? What should be done if a key is lost? These are all questions that need to be solved. In addition, school security and the prevention of rampages and violence play an increasingly important role. School security is enhanced by controlled openness, which makes authorizations traceable and prevents unauthorized individuals from entering the school building in good time. In this situation, an electronic locking system from Uhlmann & Zacher can make a contribution to improved control and security.



Our solution


With the Clex prime electronic locking system, access rights can be flexibly assigned to different groups of people such as teaching staff or janitors. Assigning time-limited authorizations to cleaning staff or external clubs provides additional security and ensures that access to areas with sensitive documents, such as staffrooms or the secretary's office, is denied. In everyday school life, a single transponder allows access to all unlocked areas and puts an end to carrying around a heavy bunch of keys. In case of loss, the lost transponder can be easily and quickly deleted via the Keyvi administration software and replaced with a new one.


Within Clex prime, special product solutions have also been developed for the special requirements of schools. Unhindered passage in the event of an emergency at escape doors: the CX6122AP anti-panic locking cylinder.


Based on the proven CX6122 cylinder with electronic authorization on one side and a mechanical inside knob, a double-knob cylinder has been developed that can also be installed in locks which, according to their manufacturer, are suitable for the installation of electronic cylinders "with restrictions". The mechanism built into the CX6122AP ensures that the locking lug rotates to the six o'clock position after the cylinder is actuated. The mechanical inner knob is firmly connected to the cylinder. The CX6122AP is particularly interesting for installation in existing locks. Retrofitting of the classic CX6122 to the anti-panic variant is also possible at any time: Only the cylinder with the mechanical inside knob needs to be replaced with the AP variant. The electronic outside knob can still be used. The electronic outside knob can continue to be used. In the event of a rampage, students can lock themselves in their classroom to protect themselves from outside attackers.


The CX6122AP has been equipped with a special mechanical cylinder end on the inside for use in entrance doors of buildings. This CX6122AP-M can only be operated from the inside with a special key, thus preventing unauthorized locking of the door from the inside.



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