University campuses are big and have a large number of people passing through. Thousands of students, teaching staff, cleaning staff, tradespeople and many more come and go every day. Access control for different groups of people usually has to be regulated across several buildings and different rooms such as lecture halls, seminar rooms, research rooms, sports centers, libraries and cafeterias. This poses a major challenge for mechanical locking systems. In this case, an electronic locking system from Uhlmann & Zacher is the solution.



Our solution


The decision to opt for an electronic locking system at universities is often made on the basis of the transponder card in use. If a system is already used for billing in the cafeteria or for authorization in the library, the cards issued should also be used for the locking system. Clex prime offers endless options when talking to decision-makers, as all common transponder types are supported by the locking system components. In most cases, a MIFARE® DESFire® or LEGIC Advant card is already in use. No problem: a wide range of Clex prime components, such as electronic locking cylinders, a cabinet lock and an electronic door handle can be used in this case.


The installation of the CX6172/CX6172F electronic door handle or CX6174/CX6174F electronic door fitting is particularly useful in doors that are to be accessed only at certain times. Daytime activation is possible in this case, as well as continuous engagement. The door handle/door fitting is available in various versions and can be used in all common doors such as wooden, steel and aluminum doors as well as narrow frame doors with a backset of 20 mm or 25 mm. The use of the CX6192 electronic cabinet lock in material compartments integrates the storage of personal items into one locking system. Here, a single-locker restriction and a free choice of locker is also possible. In this way, all services offered by the university - from cafeteria billing to library loans and lockers to access authorizations to seminar rooms - can be handled via just one card. For university employees, these applications can be extended to include time recording and authorization at assigned office doors or the parking barrier to the underground parking lot.




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