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Would you like to utilise the advantages of an electronic locking system for small and medium-sized buildings?

With our Clex private system, we offer you the convenience and security of an electronic locking system, for example for medium-sized and small companies, doctors‘ clinics, law firms or private homes.

The Clex private system is characterized by flexible upgrading and expandability. Due to its compatibility to standard DIN mortise locks, it can be retrofitted easily and cost-efficiently without any additional constructional measures and at any time. The locking units communicate with 868 MHz radio technology. With Clex private mobile the communication via Bluetooth® Low Energy is also possible. Several options are available for administration:

On the one hand, there is a Learning/Clearing system available, which is characterized by simple commissioning and operation. The programming and deletion of keys takes place without software or additional devices.

On the other hand, Clex private can also be conveniently managed using the Keyng software. The transponders are attached to the locking units, for example locking cylinders, door fittings or cabinet locks are read in and transferred to the software via the USB radio stick. The communication between locking units and USB radio stick takes place via radio (868 MHz). A total of up to 1,000 locking units can be integrated into the system and up to 1,000 transponders can be taught-in in the programming mode in the cylinder or wall mounted reader.


For further information on the Clex private system for small and medium-sized buildings, please contact order(at)


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