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Do you want to integrate our locking units in your system as a partner?


Then the Clex public system is the right solution for your electronic access organisation. The products can be flexibly configured according to the individual requirements, which makes it possible to offer customised solutions. This system provides both an offline version and an online version.


Using Clex public online, doors can be integrated into access control systems in a cost-effective manner. The radio switching module can be connected to your system using different protocols and the offline components communicate via radio (868 MHz) or Bluetooth® Low Energy with the radio switching module.


Clex public offline is a ready-to-use programmed firmware that can be flexibly adapted to the needs of customers. Various parameters can be combined depending on the customer's requirements and individually customised if required - thus the customer can easily and quickly get customised products.


Using the OSS Standard Offline open protocol you are particularly flexible. This makes it possible to easily use offline locks of different brands within a system.


Another possibility is the integration of the electronic U&Z locking units in the electronic locking system of the partner using the innovative Bluetooth® Low Energy technology.


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