Active function transponder as Service Key

The Active function transponder as Service Key is a transponder with a service key function. It is a radio transponder with its own power supply. The product can be used for example on knob modules or wall readers with 868 MHz radio. The transponder contacts the locking units via radio at the push of a button. The successful communication is indicated by the optical signaling with blue LEDs. In addition to being used as an active transponder, the product allows the functions to be saved: battery change, disassembly command and function as a service key.


868 MHz Radio


  • 868 MHz radio
  • Encoded data transfer (AES 128 bit)
  • Integrated functions for battery change, disassembly and service key
  • Rugged material
  • The battery of the transponder can be exchanged by the user
  • Optical signaling by blue LEDs when pressing the transponder
  • Status displays of the selected function via LED


Data sheet
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