Clex Key - the key on the smartphone

With the Clex Key door opening app, electronic locking units from the Clex private mobile system can be securely opened and closed with a smartphone. To do this, the smartphone communicates with the locking units via Bluetooth® Low Energy.

This makes Clex Key a flexible solution for visitors or external service providers who cannot receive a physical key for organizational reasons, or a practical alternative to the RFID transponder for residents or employees.

The users receive the authorizations for locks from the administrator in the Keyng app. In order to guarantee the necessary security, the operator of the locking system sends the invitation via two separate channels by email and short message on the smartphone.

The Clex Key app is available free of charge in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).


Bluetooth® Low Energy technology


  • Receive mobile keys from various Clex private locking systems
  • Unlock locks within reach, on which the user is authorized, via Bluetooth® by tapping the display
  • No internet connection required when the door is opened
  • Carry out blocking orders for the administrator
  • Logging of your own activities


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