Keyng management App for iOS and Android

With the Keyng smartphone app for the Clex private system, the electronic locking system can be managed easily and conveniently without the need for an additional mobile device, such as a tablet PC. Smartphones and locks communicate via Bluetooth® Low Energy.

Employees or guests can be invited to open locks with their smartphones. To be on the safe side, invitations and authorizations are sent separately by email and text message - the door is opened using the free Clex Key App. Apart from costs for SMS/MMS, there are no additional costs for mobile keys.

With the app, the user can easily and conveniently establish a secure connection to the lock in order to change authorizations, learn new keys or make settings on the lock. Optionally, transponder keys can also be identified and managed directly on the smartphone via "Near Field Communication" (NFC). In this way, keys can be added to the lock or individual keys can be removed very easily without the key or key holder having to be within reach at the same time.

A Clex private service key is always required for all interactions with the locks from the Keyng app. Functions such as disassembly, battery replacement or service opening can of course also be controlled with the app.

The Keyng app is available free of charge in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).


Bluetooth® Low Energy technology


  • Easy management of locks and keys
  • Recommended for small locking systems with up to 10 doors and up to 100 key holders
  • The keys can be programmed via the lock or optionally from the smartphone via NFC
  • Identification and programming of keys via the NFC module of the smartphone (optional)
  • Assignment of mobile keys
  • Removing individual authorisations for the lock without reprogramming the other authorised keys
  • Adding individual authorisations for the lock, if they were previously programmed using the smartphone (optional via NFC)
  • All personal data is only stored locally on the smartphone
  • Reading existing authorisations from the lock
  • Reading event logs from the lock
  • Service opening
  • Battery replacement
  • Disassembly


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