Keyvi management software

With the Keyvi management software for the Clex prime system, the electronic locking system is managed centrally and conveniently from the PC. Even complex locking programs can be quickly and easily created, monitored and maintained using the software.

The Keyvi management software allows offline management of the Clex prime system. The software ensures data management, depending on system size, with a MS SQL or MS Access compatible database.

Various management components are available, such as personal data import and synchronisation, master data overview, time switches, or overview of events per door unit.

The software has many interfaces and can manage up to 60,000 doors or 60,000 transponders.



  • Central and comfortable management of the locking system from the PC
  • Even complex locking plans can be easily created, monitored and maintained using the software
  • Standard: max. 25,000 keys
  • Optional: max. 60,000 keys
  • Up to 60,000 locking units
  • Max. 296 access right groups
  • Max. 5,296 groups (including 5.000 extra groups)
  • Up to 16 single access rights per key
  • Max. 512 events per door unit
  • Door code, groups and extra group code on key
  • Key code in door unit
  • Per key, one total interval, two daily intervals or 16 weekly schedules can be programmed
  • Additional expiry date for some transponder types
  • Up to 20 actions per locking unit can be programmed


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