Programming station

Transponders can be programmed conveniently using the Programming station. The product is used in combination with the Keyvi management software.

The programming station allows transponders of any common transponder technology to be read and written. In conjunction with MIFARE ® or LEGIC®  transponders, the product is always required to program the transponder.

The product is connected to the PC using a USB cable.


Transponder technology

MIFARE® (13,56 MHz)

Transponder technology

LEGIC® (13,56 MHz)

Transponder technology

EM/HITAG 125 kHz

868 MHz Radio


  • Use in connection with Keyvi Management software
  • In order to program transponders in the Clex prime system
  • USB port for connection to PC
  • Rugged industrial housing


Data sheet
Clex prime CX6520 |
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