Service key Clex private


The Service key Clex private is a passive transponder and acts as a programming key. Using the service key, the cylinder or reader can be shifted to the programming mode. In this mode, programming can be carried out and the captured data can be read, for example, event logs or battery data.


If the original service key is lost, then it can be substituted by a spare service key.


The product is available for the transponder technology MIFARE®. Since 1 August 2021, Clex private service keys have been prepared for the use of Clex private mobile functions.


Transponder technology

MIFARE® (13,56 MHz)


  • Works as programming key in the Clex private system
  • Contactless technology (RFID)
  • MIFARE® (13.56 MHz)


Data sheet
Clex private CX2350 |
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