25,000 electronic Door Handles sold

A reason to celebrate

The entire team of Uhlmann & Zacher has a reason to celebrate: The 25,000th unit of the electronic Door Handle and Fitting was sold! The erstwhile innovation has become an integral part of the product range, which is constantly growing. Recently, the latest development, the electronic Door Fitting with Short Plate, went into mass production.

The innovative design where the entire electronic system, mechanical system, power supply and LED indicators, are safely housed inside the handle itself, is unique to this day. As a result, the product takes up very little space and can be integrated into almost any door application. The minimalist and elegant stainless steel design enables it to adapt to any architecture. The CX6172/74 has now obtained the necessary Certificates , confirming its suitability for fire and smoke resistant doors.

The CX6172/74 was presented to the public for the first time in 2014 at the Security trade fair in Essen. The Door Handle/Door Fitting won its first award in that year itself, followed by many more. The series production started in 2015. The product confirms the innovation strength of Uhlmann & Zacher.

We are very proud of the milestone achieved and look forward to the further development of our innovation!

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