Networked access - Flexible locking solutions

The new LAN access point and LAN online module are now available

Uhlmann & Zacher has extended its product range to include a LAN‑enabled access point and a LAN‑enabled online‑module. The new products can be easily integrated into the existing network. The access point acts as a mediator between the Clex locking units and the central building and security systems. LAN and LAN PoE (Power over Ethernet) versions are respectively available.

The electronic locking units communicate wirelessly via 868 MHz with the LAN CX6940 access point. One or more wireless switching units can be connected via LAN directly to Keyvi Service and controlled from there. In this manner, permissions can be granted and changed, as well as incidents and the opening of the locking units can be communicated online by pressing a button from the Keyvi software. In the Clex public system, the online‑module CX8942 establishes the connection between the Uhlmann & Zacher products and an external system.

To the access point LAN CX6940

To the online-module LAN CX8942

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