Uhlmann & Zacher climate-neutral – a continued success story

Once again – and thus for the fourth time in a row – Uhlmann & Zacher has been honored as a climate-neutral company by CO2OP in 2023.


Responsible usage of natural resources and the environment are firmly embedded in our corporate objectives. The entire Uhlmann & Zacher team place special focus in our day-to-day work on energy management measures and possible reductions. In addition, we give preference to procuring materials, products and services from companies who have a low ecological footprint.


Through its participation in international climate protection projects such as the collection of landfill gases in Sao Paulo (Brazil) Uhlmann & Zacher compensates unavoidable emissions.


As a further measure in advancing our commitment to sustainability, U&Z is currently installing a photovoltaic system on the company premises. The process of feeding in self-generated renewable energy is a further step in reducing our CO2 emissions in the future.

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