U&Z has once again been distinguished as a climate-neutral company

In cooperation with CO2OP, Uhlmann & Zacher prepared an individual CO2 balance for both 2019 and 2020. In addition to direct emissions, which are generated by incineration in own plants, indirect emissions from electricity, steam, cold and heat as well as other indirect emissions from for example business flights by employees are considered in the calculation.
Uhlmann & Zacher uses three different measures to neutralize its own CO2e footprint. First of all the entire team strives for in-house savings by consistent energy management measures. When it comes to sourcing materials, the company prefers products and services with a low footprint. To neutralize the remaining unavoidable emissions, Uhlmann & Zacher supports climate projection projects.
In the future Uhlmann & Zacher will continue to show ecological awareness and pursue climate policy goals.



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