Industrial and office buildings


Large industrial and office buildings, as well as public facilities, have high access control requirements. Data protection and security play an important and crucial role here. When it comes to large, complex groups of buildings, mechanical locking systems quickly reach their limits. In addition to being time-consuming to manage, they have major security flaws. This is where an electronic locking system from Uhlmann & Zacher comes in.

Our solution


It combines security with ease of use, both for administrators and users. Access rights for different groups of people and departments can thus be flexibly assigned and revoked, even across multiple buildings or sites. Assigning time-limited authorizations to visitors or external service providers provides additional security, while ensuring that areas containing sensitive documents or equipment cannot be accessed.


The modular design of the locking cylinders, among other things, makes use in different buildings as easy as possible. Thanks to the simple assembly of the universal knob module by joining it to Uhlmann & Zacher locking cylinders, a quick straightforward adaptation to changed requirements on site is possible. This allows maximum flexibility.


In addition to access control, the transponder can also be used to open doors for other purposes such as time recording or canteen billing.


For industrial companies, the decision-making process for a new locking system often focuses on perimeter protection. A CX6162 security cylinder can be the right choice in this case. In this situation it is often advisable to use a wall reader with security relay module in the secured interior area to control a motorized lock.


The facility management of large companies with various locations must be simple, clear and centrally controlled. An SQL server connection makes the management of complex Clex prime locking systems economical and, in addition, it is possible to work at several workstations




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