Our Purchase

Our supplier philosophy


"The same principles that apply to customers also apply to suppliers. We especially maintain an open and partnership-like relationship that provides the basis for a long-term cooperation. We carry out price negotiations in a goal-oriented and consistent manner, but always in an open, objective and fair manner. We expect the same from our suppliers as well."




We have defined the following objectives for our purchase department:

  • Ensuring the supplies for Uhlmann & Zacher GmbH
  • Continuous improvement of common processes and products
  • Ensuring competitive purchasing prices by implementing improvements for reducing the supplier costs




Our organisation consists of strategic and operational activities. The purchasing and logistics department at Uhlmann & Zacher GmbH carries out all the purchasing activities:

  • Selection and development of strategic suppliers
  • Coordination of global procurement processes
  • Improving and ensuring synergies
  • Global control of the material stocks




To integrate our suppliers into the supply chain, we provide the following tools:

  • Supplier presentation (Please send to the contact below. Don't call us, we call you.)
  • Supplier visit / qualification
  • Supplier self-disclosure (Request via the contact below.)
  • Supplier audits


Labor practices, child labor, forced labor


People have the right to voluntary, safe and reasonably paid work that respects and protects human rights.
Suppliers do not allow employment of children under the minimum age to take up employment in the respective country or at school age (usually 15 years or 14 years in some countries). Approved training programs are supported. Forced labor or any kind of involuntary work is prohibited. Employees can freely choose from the supplier and their personal identification documents must not be retained.
We control and monitor this with unannounced supplier visits / audits!




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