Official launch of Clex prime mobile

Mobile access made easy

The Clex prime locking system is an electronic locking system for securing various types of buildings. With the latest addition "Clex prime mobile", U&Z now also provides a smartphone option to open one’s own Clex prime system. The management system is specially designed for medium and large buildings with up to 60,000 electronic locking cylinders or door handles.

Maximum safety guaranteed

The new mobile keys can be used as a addition or replacement for RFID transponders. Communication with the locking units takes place via Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE). Authorisations are sent with encryption after sending an e-mail invitation via the new cloud service "Clex Key Hub". This acts as an interface between the Keyvi management software and the users' smartphones.

Easy access via smartphone

Your smartphone becomes a practical door opener. Even without an internet connection at the time of opening, access rights can be used via the "Clex Key" app for offline locks.


Along with the launch of Clex prime mobile, our Clex Key App also has been redesigned. You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store and App Store.


For more information about Clex prime mobile click here.


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