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What are the advantages of an electronic locking system for a multi-purpose hall

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A variety of events take place every year in the Geisberg Hall in Greussenheim near Wuerzburg. With the new electronic locking system from Uhlmann & Zacher (U&Z), access is optimally organized for everyone involved.



The multi-purpose hall was built in 1977 and served, among other things, as a gymnasium for the elementary school directly next door. It also offers the community and the local sports club space for sporting and cultural events. Furthermore, the restaurant and bowling alley located there are an important public meeting point, and school childcare is also housed there. In 2020/21, the hall was extensively renovated and equipped with a new electronic access control system from Uhlmann & Zacher.


A total of more than 60 locking cylinders are installed in the property. These include a particularly large number of anti-panic cylinders. Anti-panic cylinders are specifically intended for use in escape and rescue routes. Uhlmann & Zacher's anti-panic cylinder housings are ideal for panic mortise locks that cannot handle an undefined locking lug position. If a normal cylinder housing is installed in such a panic mortise lock, it could mean that the door can no longer be opened from the inside in the event of an escape. With anti-panic cylinder housings from Uhlmann & Zacher, the locking lug is always automatically returned to the so-called 6 o'clock position after the closing process.

The electronic double knob cylinder, which is also installed, is particularly suitable for tubular frame doors as it is equipped with a smaller knob on one side and therefore leaves enough space to open the door even with small backsets. Since there is only one antenna in the small knob, this double knob cylinder is particularly suitable for use in building entrance doors.

The classic knob cylinder CX6122 from U&Z is also installed in the property. The special thing about this product is the modular structure of the cylinder, which offers customers a very high level of flexibility. If the requirements of an object change over time, the individual components can be replaced variably. For example, if the cylinder length no longer fits due to a new door, you only need to order a mechanical cylinder adapter. If access is to be controlled electronically on both sides in the future, all you need is another electronic knob. To date, Uhlmann & Zacher is the only manufacturer to offer this modular design.

The community is very satisfied with the new electronic locking system. Mayor Karin Kuhn confirms: “The electronic system makes managing access to the hall much easier. Access can be organized quickly and easily, especially for unscheduled events.”



Photo: Andreas Hanisch


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