The new user report about the CI Factory Germany from Engelbert Strauss

New electronic access control system for a distribution center of the future

Safety first

Engelbert Strauss is one of the world's leading manufacturers of work, utility and protective equipment. As one of the top 5 online retailers in Germany, Strauss has been a leader in customizing and branding for decades. The family business, based in the Main-Kinzig area near Frankfurt, employs around 1,700 people and produces in 27 countries worldwide, with a focus on Southeast Asia. Various locations were equipped with an electronic locking system from Uhlmann & Zacher.


The company's roots go back to its founder, Engelbert Strauss, who, together with his father August and his brothers and sisters, first traded in the region and later throughout Germany as a dealer of brooms and brushes, among other things. After the Second World War, Engelbert Strauss continued his family's trading tradition and founded the company of the same name around 1948. He expanded the portfolio to include occupational safety items, with the first products being gloves - an item that is still firmly anchored in the range today. In the 1960s there was a switch to mail order business. Strauss started mailing catalogs in 1973. The range was gradually expanded to include clothing and shoes, and since the turn of the millennium to include our own collections. The Strauss work trousers are now cult. The family business is run by Henning and Steffen Strauss in the fourth generation.


For such a large company with numerous locations, security and access control is also an important issue. Since 1998, Engelbert Strauss has been provided with a mechanical locking system by Georg Jungblut Security Technology GmbH. In 2018, the company was commissioned with the mammoth project of planning a completely new locking system, both mechanical and electronic. There are currently a total of around 4,000 locking units installed in the entire locking system.

Engelbert Strauss is one of the largest workwear suppliers in the world. U&Z locking units have already been installed in several locations, and other production facilities around the world are to follow. These are electronic knob cylinders for both indoor and outdoor use. To ensure efficient administration, all locations were networked online and equipped with online programming terminals. These can be controlled centrally, enabling effective management and control of access rights.

The company is particularly innovative and invests in promising projects. For example, the CI Factory Germany has a state-of-the-art shoe production facility as well as a fully automated commissioning and packaging system, through which 4,000 packages can be sent every hour. Strauss has also just made its logistics at its headquarters in Biebergemünd fit for the future. During ongoing operations, a modern, efficient technical system with a focus on sustainability has been created over the past two years.

Since these are different buildings, the U&Z system Clex prime is used. With this system it is possible to set up electronic locking systems with up to 25,000 or optionally up to 60,000 keys. Accordingly, up to 60,000 electronic locking units can be used in the locking system. In addition to the 296 possible locking groups, up to 5,000 extra groups can be used in the Clex prime system.

A special software is used to manage the system. This provides an overview of the existing locking cylinders including the respective authorizations. In addition, different groups can be created in the system and the individual transponders can be assigned to them. There are currently well over 100 authorized people who have access to various areas.

By installing the electronic locking system, Engelbert Strauss has significantly improved its security precautions and enabled efficient management of access rights. The company can now better manage its locations and offer employees safe and convenient access to the premises. The locking system continues to be looked after by Georg Jungblut Security Technology and is self-managed. The company ensures regular maintenance and servicing of the system to ensure smooth operation.




Photos: Uhlmann & Zacher GmbH, Engelbert Strauss GmbH & Co. KG



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