Discover the brand new Clex Key App in version 2 for iOS

Now even more efficient and user-friendly!

The new version of Clex Key has been completely redeveloped for more efficient and stable use in Swift, Apple's powerful programming language. This makes obtaining authorizations and opening locks via Bluetooth® even easier. In addition to the new implementation, the Clex Key App in version 2 also offers a variety of improvements.


Highlights at a glance:

  • New User Interface: A user-friendly consistent design for pleasant use.
  • Better user management: Simple invitation and authorization process.
  • Better feedback and support: Haptic and visual signals for an improved user experience.
  • Compact display of the key list: Individually customizable view for a better overview. Users can switch between a list and index card view of the locks within range.
  • Graphical display of signal strength: Stay in control with visual feedback to quickly select the right lock.
  • Display of battery warning phases: Users can inform the manager about an impending battery change directly from the app.
  • Delete keys and projects: Simplified management of items that are no longer needed.


Please note:

  • The app requires at least iOS 16.
  • The Android version is still in preparation. The above changes are also in the works for the Android app. Since development did not start at the same time, the app for Android devices will only be available later.

take advantage of the updated  Clex Key App in version 2.0.101:


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