ClexTouch service software

As an alternative to the conventional service device, the ClexTouch software can also be used for offline locking units. The software combines the properties of the service device with the convenience of a touch screen.


ClexTouch is specifically designed for Windows handheld computers and provides advanced features. The self-explanatory user guide allows intuitive operation and makes it easy for the facility manager. With the Clex touch service software on a Tablet PC, for example, changes can be made to the program, firmware updates can be installed or events can be read.


ClexTouch is an effective configuration platform once connected with the Keyvi database. Depending on the version, the communication takes place either using a radio stick (868 MHz) or via Bluetooth® Low Energy (2.4 GHz).


Firmware updates can be easily installed by the automatic detection of the correct firmware version. A log is generated automatically for each action.


In addition to handheld computers with touch function (e.g. Tablets), ClexTouch can be used on other devices having Windows operating system.

Clex prime

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  • Service functions of the service device
  • Configuration platform for all Clex prime locking system components equipped with a radio chip
  • Installing of firmware updates through automatic detection of correct firmware
  • Personalize door units
  • Retrieval of target/actual-comparison
  • Readout and display of event logs
  • Switch-on/ -off of the four eyes group for use of the four eyes principle
  • Editable recording of all work steps
  • Display of the corresponding product picture in the menu "doors" - integration of an on-site recording possible
  • Creation of macros
  • Optionally radio or Bluetooth® Low Energy