Radio switching module

The Radio switching module establishes a connection to the electronic locking units via wireless (868 MHz). Wireless openings for the locking units can be realised in this way. There is a 1:1 mapping between the radio switching module and the cylinder.


The wireless switching module can be controlled both via wall mounted readers and external readers. These are for example RFID readers, fingerprint, or even PIN keyboards.


The housings in two different versions are easy to mount.

868 MHz Radio

Clex prime

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Clex private

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  • Easy wiring
  • Easy-to-install housings
  • DIfferent housings (angular and oval)
  • Control through remote reader (e. g. finger print, PIN keypad, etc.) via potential-free contact
  • Encoded data transmission (AES 128 bit)




Clex prime  CX6932


Clex private   CX6932


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